Priority List and Scehdule

Priority List and Proposed schedule.

April 4-10th
-Reorganize GUI controls on side and bottom pane. [1 hour]
-Create panes for the four layers [1 hour]
-Add message bar at bottom [.5 hour]
-Have operations send event messages to message bar [1 hour]
-Cursor position in message bar [.5 hour]

-Handle filename errors. [.5 hour]
-Display load errors in message bar [.5 hour]

-Setup the new layer states [1 hour]
-Link layers’ buttons together [1hour]
-Create blank tiles when background is disabled. [1 hour]

-Add tileset in side pane [1 hour]
-Change tilesets with active layer [1 hour]

April 11th-17th
-Change tileset with sprite details for sprite layer [1 hour]
-Include focus change with mouse cursor position [,5 hour]

-Highlight tile type in tileset [1 hour]
-Add tile shadow to cursor on map [1 hour]
-Eliminate shadow when placing tiles [.5 hour]
-Have shadow snap to grid [.5 hour]
-Allow dragging placement of tile type [.5 hour]

-Change sprite highlighting [.5 hour]
-Add sprite drag  movement [1 hour]
-Add sprite delete button [.5 hour]

-Add mouse scroll movement [.5 hour]

-Allow users to hit enter on dialog boxes [.5 hour]
-Add blinking I-bar [1 hour]
-Repeated key stroke [.5 hour]

April 18th-24th
-Create scrollbar GUI control [1 hour]
-Create arrow buttons [1 hour]
-Arrow movements [1 hour]
-Calculate bar size [1 hour]
-Make bar movable [1 hour]
-Calculate movement [1 hour]
-Add scrollbar to map and tileset [1 hour]

-Gridline option [2 hour]
-Update map [.5 hour]
-Update tilesets [.5 hour]

April 24th -30th
-Give dialog boxes titles [1 hour]

-Add music file property [.5 hour]
-Update file writing [.5 hour]

-Check for unsaved work. [1 hour]
-Prompt user “you have unsaved work” [1hour]

-Sprite list [1 hour]
-Automatic loading of sprites [1 hour]
-Create list of sprite icons [1 hour]
-Create list GUI control [1 hour]
-Give movements description [1 hour]

May 1st-7th
-Undo setup [1 hour]
-Abstract level editor operations [3 hour]
-Have a stack of editor operations [1 hour]
-Map each operation to its undo operation [2 hour]

Extra time – Cut features
-Prefab setup [2 hour]
-Add prefab grid area [1 hour]
-Update placement shadow [1 hour]
-Calculate prefab placement [2 hour]
-Load/save prefabs. Write text to file. [2 hour]

-Display movement paths setup [1 hour]
-Associate/create path images with movements [2 hour]
-Display paths for each sprite [2 hour]

-See an intersection and level side by side setup [2 hour]
-Load both maps [1 hour]
-Update map engine to have extra space [2 hour]
-Prevent editing of other map [1 hour]